FIOCCHI 44 Special Cowboy

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FIOCCHI .44 Special cowboy 

Fiocchi's line of Cowboy Action ammunition is designed specifically with the Cowboy Action shooter in mind. Whether you are competing at a high level, or training for your next event, these Cowboy Action loads are what you should have loaded in your cylinder. The entire line of Cowboy Action loads are designed to provide you with a minimum amount of recoil while at the same time providing you with high levels of accuracy, thus giving you an advantage over your competition. Another great benefit is that this ammo is as safe to use in your modern gun as it is in your old classi


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Kula: Lead Round Nose Flat Point

Bullet mass: 210 gr

Bullet mass: 13,6 g

Velocity: 228 m/s

Energy: N/A


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