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A range of products for semi-automatic weapons and revolvers, offering a wide range of loads and bullet geometry, for the most common calibres. Some have a leadless (lead-free) primer.

50 rounds/box


Bullet Type Full Metal Jacket Copper Plated

Bullet Mass 8 g

Bullet Mass 123 gr

Velocity V2,5 375 m/s

Energy E2,5 563 joule



Bullet Type Full Metal Jacket Copper Plated

Bullet Mass 7.5 g

Bullet Mass 115 gr

Velocity V2,5 380 m/s

Energy E2,5 567 joule



Bullet Type Full Metal Jacket subsonic

Bullet Mass 10.19 g

Bullet Mass 158 gr

Velocity V2,5 300 m/s

Energy E2,5 459 joule





TER BULLET - Total Encapsulated Reverse is an ammunition with a bullet with telescopic impact behavior. Alhtough fully lined it guarantees high deformation, a characteristic that means it cannot be defined as full metal jackets.

50 rounds/box

Bullet Type Total Enclosed Reverse

Bullet Mass 8 g

Bullet Mass 124 gr

Velocity V2,5 375 m/s

Energy E2,5 563 joule



EMB MONOBLOCK BULLET - Controlled deformation bullet: on soft targets the outer annulus is deformed, increasing the area of impact without fragmenting and allowing the maximum possible energy to be released to the target. On reinforced or protected targets its harder central core has a good perforation capacity, keeping the necessary lethal energy.

50 rounds/box

Bullet Type Expansion Monoblock

Bullet Mass 6 g

Bullet Mass 93 gr

Velocity V2,5 430 m/s

Energy E2,5 556 joule

Pressure max C.I.P. 2350 bar

Case max length 19.15 mm

Cartridge max length 26.69 mm



FRANGIBLE BULLET - Cartridge with frangible ball, non-toxic, made of copper and tin alloy. The use of leadless primers makes it ideal for indoor tactical training.

50 rounds/box

Bullet Type Reduced Hazard Flat Point

Bullet Mass 6.6 g

Bullet Mass 100 gr

Velocity V2,5 425 m/s

Energy E2,5 585 joule




Black Mamba 

Quality and aggression characterise this line loaded with Fiocchi Black Mamba bullets. The bullet, with a truncated cone shape and lightweight design, is optimized for each calibre. Its tombac 90/10 surface treated jacket optimizes smoothness in the barrel and deformation on impact. Black Mamba is considered a full metal jacket bullet with high stopping power and reduced perforation power.

50 rounds/box


Bullet Type Full Metal Jacket Truncated Cone Black Mamba

Bullet Mass 6.5 g

Bullet Mass 100 gr

Velocity V2,5 435 m/s

Energy E2,5 614 joule


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FIOCCHI 9 LUGER 115gr FMJ  (price /1000 patroner)

  • 1000   cartridges = 2550kr
  • 2000   cartridges = 2450kr
  • 5000   cartridges = 2300kr
  • 10000 cartridges = 2250kr

FIOCCHI 9 LUGER 123gr FMJ  (pris /1000 patroner)

  • 1000   cartridges = 2650kr
  • 2000   cartridges = 2550kr
  • 5000   cartridges = 2400kr
  • 10000 cartridges = 2300kr


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