6mm Norma BR 6,5g/100gr Oryx

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6mm Norma BR Hunting ammunition

6,5g/100gr Norma Oryx 20ptr
Game: Medium game 

6,2g/95gr Norma FMJ Jaktmatch 20ptr
Game: Practice
Is placed under category Jaktmatch


This cartridge was designed by Norma in 1994 specifically for 300 meter bench rest shooting. In contrast to the 6mm PPC it uses a standard head diameter and it has a slightly different throating than the 6mm Remington BR. The design proved very precise from the start. The first batch made by Norma consistently produced 10-shot groups under 1 inch and average was around .35 inch at 300 meters. A 60 shot group was fired at the same range and all shots were within the 10 point circle and 58 of them so-called “inner tens”!

Like the other cartridges for this special purpose the advantage of this design is the very moderate recoil which enables the shooter to keep up concentration for a longer period of time. Secondly, the factory load for 6mm Norma BR uses a 105 grain Diamond Line which has a very high ballistic coefficient and with a muzzle velocity of 2800 fps. Plus the wind drift is very moderate. Finally the small amount of powder burned the 6mm Norma BR burns will extend barrel life to approximately twice what one can expect from a .243 Winchester. The use of heavy bullets demands a rifle twist of 1 turn in 8 inches.

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