Creed kal. 9mm

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Product Description:
Walther Creed 9 mm x 19, black
Semi-Automatic Pistol
The Walther Creed is a polymer-framed pistol in 9 mm Luger, with two 16-round magazines and a 4-inch barrel. It is 185 mm long and weighs only 755 grams. The pistol features a pre-cocked double-action trigger and a bobbed hammer for safe concealed carry. Ergonomic features include an ambidextrous magazine release and a non-slip grip.
Technical data
System  Semi-Automatic
Caliber  9 mm x 19
Magazine capacity  16 shot(s)
Max. energy  500 (with 8 g bullet) Joule(s)
Grip  Circumference 135 mm
Trigger  Double Action, pre-cocked
Trigger Weight  2900 g
Shoot-Up  7, reset 5
Length between and backstrap  72 mm
Distance from center of barrel to shooting hand  33 mm
Sights  Steel sights with 3-dot contrast marking
Sight length  160 mm
Barrel length  102 mm
Accessories  Magazine release, reversible
Dimensions (L/H/W)  185/143/34 mm
Weight  755 g
Finish / Engraving  blued
Packaging  Plastic gun case

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