PPQ Q4 TAC Combo 4tum kal. 9mm

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Product Description:

PPQ Q4 TAC Combo 4" kal. 9x19


The Combo version is based on the PPQ M2 Q4 TAC with threaded barrel but is equipped with a SHIELD RMSc red dot sight. The sight sits directly on the slide without an adapter plate, giving it an extremely low profile. The Tungsten Gray frame enhances the overall appearance. The standard steel sight can also serve as a backup.
- Shield RMSc red dot sight, 4 MOA, mounted
- 4.6” SD barrel
- Tungsten Gray frame
- 3-dot steel sight
- 1 15-round magazine, 2 17-round magazines
Technical data:
System  Semi-Automatic
Caliber  9 mm x 19
Magazine capacity  15 and 17 shot(s)
Safety  3 automatic
Grip  3 interchangeable backstraps
Trigger  Quick Defense, pre-cocked striker
Trigger Weight  2500 g
Shoot-Up  7
Length between and backstrap  72 mm
Distance from center of barrel to shooting hand  25 mm
Sights  3-Dot steel sight + Red Dot
Sight length  156 mm
Barrel  Polygon
Barrel length  117 4,6" mm
Dimensions (L/H/W)  198/135/34 mm
Special feature(s)  Shield RMSc Red Dot, 4 MOA
Packaging  Plastic gun case

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