Walther Colt 1911 Gold Cup .22lr Walther Colt 1911 Gold Cup .22lr Walther Colt 1911 Gold Cup .22lr

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Walther Colt 1911 Gold Cup .22lr

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Colt 1911 GOLD CUP 12-round, 22 lr

Semi-Automatic Pistol



The pistols of the 1911 .22 LR platform licensed and tested by COLT are authentic COLT Government models. All operating elements function like the original. An outstanding feature is the slide – it is CNC-milled from high-quality aluminium, thus less loaded ammunition can be utilized without issue.

All products are made by CARL WALTHER in Germany.

· CNC machined high-grade aluminium slide
· 1911-style field stripping
· Rubber grip
· Accepts aftermarket accessories
· Authentic half-cock mechanism
· Skeleton trigger
· Extended Beavertail and gripsafety
· Target rear and front sight
· Serrations at the rear end of the slide
· Open work hammer
· Original style safety lever
· Straight MS housing
· Extended magazine release

Technical data:
System: Autoloader
Caliber: .22 lr
Magazine capacity: 12 shots
Safety: Manual thumb safety, grip safety, disconnector
Grip: Rubber grip
Trigger: SA
Sights: Click adjustable
Barrel length: 127 mm
Dimensions (L/W/H):  225/140/35 mm
Weight: 940 g
Packaging: Plastic box

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