Walther PPS M2 Police 9x19

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Product Description:


Walther PPS M2 Police 9 mm x 19

Semi-Automatic Pistol

WALTHER PPS now available in an M2 version


The handy, compact WALTHER PPS is coming out in 2016 in an improved version called the PPS M2. The frame and slide have been redesigned to fit with the current Q line. In addition, the magazine release lever in the trigger guard has been replaced by a button at the left of the frame, a feature especially preferred by international customers. This is indicated by the manufacturer’s additional designation, M2. The frame now has a more ergonomic shape, and the grip circumference has been adapted to the most common hand sizes, eliminating the need for interchangeable backstrap inserts.

The M2 trigger blade and the embedded trigger safety now have a more comfortable shape, which especially facilitates rapid firing. A 3-dot steel sight with phosphorescent markings comes as standard.

In future the PPS M2 will be available worldwide only as a 9 mm x 19 Police Set with three different magazines: for 6, 7 and 8 rounds. The 6-round version is the most compact, while the longer magazines provide a better grip for big hands. Previous PPS models can no longer be supplied, and owing to the repositioned magazine release the new magazines will fit only the PPS M2 pistols.

Technical data:
System Semi-Automatic
Caliber 9 mm x 19
Magazine capacity 6 / 7 / 8 (S / M / L magazine) shot(s)
Safety Trigger and internal striker safety, QuickSafe
Grip circumference 121
Trigger Double Action, pre-cocked striker
Trigger Weight 2700 g
Shoot-Up 7
Length between and backstrap 70 mm
Sights Steel, Phosphor 3-dot
Sight length 137 mm
Barrel Polygon
Barrel length 81 mm
Dimensions (L/W/H) 161/110/23 (27) mm
Weight 600 g
Packaging Plastic gun case

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