Steyer Pro-X. Extremt kort "Bullpupp" cal. .22 Steyer Pro-X. Extremt kort "Bullpupp" cal. .22

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Steyer Pro-X. Extremt kort "Bullpupp" cal. .22

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Steyer Pro-X. Extremt kort "Bullpupp" cal. .22

The brandnew semi-automatic Bullpup

Due to the system being moved to the rear, the full barrel length of 650 mm is available for the proven STEYR precision.

10 quick shots due to semiautomatic repeating system
Bounce free system
Easy handling due to the well-balanced design
Maximum safety: The pellet is shot directly out of the magazine. No pellet remains in the barrel when magazine is removed
Available in energy of  16/24/40 joule in calibre .22 
Delivered with long compressed air cylinder and one 10-shot drum magazine in a compact plastic rifle case. Scope and mount not included.


    calibre | energy: 4,5mm (.177) | 7,5 / 16 / 24 Joule -

                             5,5mm (.22) | 16 / 24 / 40 Joule

    total length: 760mm

    total height: 200mm

    length of barrel: 650mm

    total weight: ca. 3500g

    trigger: mechanic

    trigger pull: 550 - 700g

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