Steyr LGB 1 Biathlon Air Rifle

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Product Description:

The STEYR LGB 1 Biathlon is the ideal training tool for biathletes as well as a training and competition rifle for junior and summer biathletes. The new rifle was created with a one piece fully adjustable stock and a technology perfected in all the details – that’s why the LGB 1 performs with its highest operational reliability both in summer and in winter conditions.

These differences are what give you more 10's:

  • The many individual adjustments like:
    - fully adjustable butt plate and cheek piece
    - trigger system, tension lever, trigger shoe
  • High quality Anschütz barrel
  • Automatically safe when magazine removed by locking the hammer
  • Foresight and rear sight have snow cap protectors
  • Fore end of stock is provided with rail for hand stop and sling
  • Dry fire possibility
  • 8 magazines fit on stock carrier
  • Delivered with 2 five-shot and 2 single-shot magazines



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