Viscera 3-In-1 Field Dressing

355 kr
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Product Description:

Viscera's mission is simple:  Make field dressing easy, and do it with precision and speed.  Unlike other knives, Viscera's unique design combines three implements you need most into one ergonomic knife.

Ergonomic handle - rubberised to enhance safety feel and dexterity.

440C Stainless Steel - 3.75" skinner blade holds a razor edge and doubles as a precision caper.  Spine jibbing provides superior grip and control.

180º Pivot Handle - Auto-lock mechanism securely locks the handle in place for safe operation.

3" Bone Ripper Saw - Buzzes through bone with ease.

Oversized Gut Hook - Zips through thick winter hides without plugging.  The protective tip won't punctur or tear the gut.

Includes rugged ballistic nylon belt sheath.

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