Minimum amount
The minimum amount to shop for is 300 SEK including VAT.

Swedish VAT is included in the price (25%).

Payment options
- Cash on Delivery
Fee: 50 SEK
You will pay when you recieve the items.

- Pay in Advance
Fee: 0 SEK
You pay to us before we ship the items. You will be presented with more information about this after checkout is complete.

- Debit/Creditcard
Fee: 0 SEK
You pay with your Visa or Mastercard through Certitrade / Euroline 100% secure. All information is encrypted with SSL - 128 bit. The payment will be reserved on your account and pulled normally within 24 hours from the checkout. The transactions are done according to the new safetey standard "3D-Secure".

- Payson
Fee: 0 SEK
With Payson you can pay with debit/credit card or your Internet Bank (Sweden only). More information on Payson can be found at www.payson.se.

- Invoice
Fee: 35 SEK.
We need your personal ID number (Swedish) for the credit status lookup. We will ship your items and you will have 14 days to pay the invoice. The invoices are handled by Kreditor Europe AB.

Delivery time
Normal delivery time is about three business days within Sweden. 

We can ship your items in a box, envelope or with your preferred shipping company.
We are not responsible for any delays caused by any shipping company.

Shipping cost
The shipping cost is based on the weight of your items,and type of item.

We always give you 1 year of guarantee for your items. If you can prove that an item is broken by construction we can replace it, but we cannot replace items that are broken by usage. You will be responsible for the shipping.

Your right of regret
In sweden, you are allowed to return the items (unharmed) without any specific reason. You have 14 days to regret your purchase and notify us about it.

The Law on Personal Data
Your personal information (name, address etc.) will be protected according to the Swedish law on personal data (PUL).

Customer Service

Feel free to contact us with your questions!

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Payment Options