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Cam-Pro 38FCP 125gr och158gr TC; 148gr HBWC

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Cam-Pro 38/357 FCP

125gr och158gr TC; 148gr HBWC

CAMPRO bullets offer one of the highest quality and value on the market. You now have the opportunity to use the same quality during competitions and while you practice.

Fully copper-plated and featuring a swaged lead core, each bullet is carefully reformed at the end of the process. Experience an ultra-precise shot—bullet after bullet.

Cam-Pro 38/357 158 TC FCP

Vikt (grain/gram):

158 / 10.2





Diameter (in/mm):

.357 / 9.068

Koppar tjocklek (in/µm):

.008 / 203

Antal/ask (box or bag):


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Cam-Pro 38/357 125gr TC FCP

Weight (grain/gram): 125 / 8.10
Sectional Density: .140
Cannelure: Yes
Diameter (in/mm): .357 po / 9.068
Cupper thickness (in/µm): .008 / 203
Quantity (box or bag): 1000


Cam-Pro 38/357 148gr HBWC FCP

Weight (grain/gram): 148 / 9.59
Sectional Density: .166
Cannelure: No
Diameter (in/mm): .357 po / 9.068
Cupper thickness (in/µm): .0025 / 63
Quantity (box or bag): 500

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