Walther LP400 Club Luftpistol

12 890 kr
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The LP400 Club, an inexpensive match air pistol for beginners and gun clubs, combines the Walther LP400 with features of the lower-cost Hämmerli AP20. The molded plastic grip can be adjusted to suit either right- or left-handed shooters and almost any hand size. Further details: 200-bar cylinder, magnetic absorber, double compensator, rear sight with adjustable notch, rotating front sight, weight 900 g.


LP400 configuration:

  • Compressed air system 200 bar
  • EQUALIZER magnetic absorber
  • RESORBER double compensator
  • Pressure reducer with QUICKCLEAN air filter
  • ECO valve technology
  • Breech for easy reloading
  • Dry-practice mode
  • Ball bearing VARIO trigger with maximum setting options
  • SLIMLINE aluminium cylinder with pressure gauge
  • Sights adjustable in the longitudinal direction
  • Universal tool and plastic gun case


Club equipment package:

  • Universal grip ALL-IN-ONE
    • Switchable for right-handers and left-handers
    • Universal grip size S to L
    • Adjustable palm rest
    • Adjustable rest for the ball of the thumb
  • Turnable front sight with three different widths
  • Variable rear sight width, infinitely adjustable
  • Low basic weight (approx. 900 g)


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