Lyman Master Gunsmith 10 Piece Screwdriver Set

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Comfortable screwdrivers specifically designed for gun screws.

This classic set of 10 screwdrivers is designed specifically for gunsmiths and firearms enthusiasts. Grips feature a unique three wing, "Torq Grip" design. The wings provide a superior gripping surface for maximum turning power while preventing the driver from rolling away. Tips are magnetized and parallel ground for an exact fit for most rifle and handgun slotted screws. In addition, the set includes T-10 and T-15 size 6-lobe drivers as well as a 5/32" hex driver.

  • Extra strong S2 tool steel with magetized, hollow ground tips
  • Comfortable rubber coated handles
  • Handles feature three unique "Torq Grip" wings for maximum turning power
  • Shaft passes through handle and includes a steel striking cap
  • Larger drivers include hex for use with wrench
  • Fits most rifle and handgun screws
  • T10/T15 drivers for scope rings and bases
  • Sturdy, fitted stand keeps screwdrivers organized and within easy reach

    Kit contains:
  • #1 T-10 torx
  • #2 T-15 torx
  • #3 .118 x .023
  • #4 .157 x .032
  • #5 .177 x .032
  • #6 .196 x .029
  • #7 .235 x .044
  • #8 .275 x .028
  • #9 5/16 x .040
  • #10 5/32 hex


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