Pachmayr SlipOn #3

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Made from a special rubber formula that gives superior stretch yet maintains tight fit on almost all gun frames. Designed for easy installation to eliminate the need to cut the grip to fit. Black. Material: Rubber Finish: Black Fits: American Arms P-98 AMT "On Duty" Astra A-100 H&K USP Llama M-82 and M-87 Parker Auto Ruger P-85, P-89, P-90, P-91, and P-93 Sig Sauer P-220, P-226, P-228, and P-229 Smith and Wesson 3900 Sereis (Standard and Compact), 5900 Series (Standard and Compact, and 45 Compacts Sphinx AT-2000 Compact Springfield P-9 Compact Star M-30 and PD Taurus PT-92, 99, 100 AF and DC Tokarev Walther P-5, P-38, and P-88 Notes: Slip-on design with finger grooves


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