7x57 Mauser

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7x57 Mauser Hunting ammunition

10,1g/156gr Norma Oryx 20ptr
Game: Large game

This is one of the best balanced cartridge designs ever made. It was introduced in 1892 as a military cartridge and adopted by Spain and several South American countries. It was used very successfully against the British in the Boer War in South Africa and by the Spanish in the Spanish-American war.

In the hunting field it has proved itself to be one of the best all-round sporting rounds ever designed, combining flat trajectory with a moderate recoil and a wide range of bullet weights - from 100 - 175 grains. It has been used successfully to take every species of big game on earth.

In Great Britain it was called .275 Rigby as this famous gun maker adopted the cartridge in 1907 in connection with the import of Mauser products. However, many other British gun makers have built rifles in this caliber. In Europe the cartridge is still a popular choice for all-round use as it is does not cause a lot of meat damage on the roe deer and is still powerful enough for larger species.

With proper bullets it is sufficiently powerful for hunting all North American species, but many authorities would consider it on the light side for moose and especially large bears. However, it was the “Karamojo” Bell’s favorite caliber, and he used it with solid bullets for all African game - including several hundred elephants killed with brain shots.

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