.30-06 Springfield FMJ 9,7g/150gr

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.30-06 Springfield Jaktmatch ammo

9,7g/150gr Norma Full Metal Jacket Jaktmatch 


Practicing shooting on a regular basis is not only a way to be a responsible hunter, it is also a goodnatured way to have fun and socialize with hunting friends and other like-minded people. Norma’s sight-in targets are perfect for this. They are available at your firearms dealer or from our web site. www.norma.cc

What’s important is not how you practice, but that you do it regularly. Ideally, you should use the gun you hunt with and then it is important that your target and hunting ammunition are consistent (especially when practicing with moving targets). You need to lead in the same manner and accuracy should be just as good so you get a true idea of your ability.

All components in the Jaktmatch cartridges are the highest quality. The fired cases provide the reloader with a top quality product to reload. 

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