FIOCCHI 38 Special

240 kr
Bullet Weight/Type
Not available
Product Description:

FIOCCHI 38 Special



A range of products for semi-automatic weapons and revolvers, offering a wide range of loads and bullet geometry, for the most common calibres. Some have a leadless (lead-free) primer.


Bullet Type Lead Wad Cutter, grey antifriction coating

Bullet Mass 9.59 g

Bullet Mass 148 gr

Velocity V2,5 200 m/s

Energy E2,5 192 joule        



Bullet Type Lead Round Nose, black antifriction coating

Bullet Mass 10.24 g

Bullet Mass 158 gr

Velocity V2,5 275 m/s

Energy E2,5 387 joule



Bullet Type Semi Jacket Soft Point

Bullet Mass 10.24 g

Bullet Mass 158 gr

Velocity V2,5 300 m/s

Energy E2,5 461 joule




Quality and aggression characterise this line loaded with Fiocchi Black Mamba bullets. The bullet, with a truncated cone shape and lightweight design, is optimized for each calibre. Its tombac 90/10 surface treated jacket optimizes smoothness in the barrel and deformation on impact. Black Mamba is considered a full metal jacket bullet with high stopping power and reduced perforation power.




Bullet Type Full Metal Jacket Truncated Cone Black Mamba

Bullet Mass 7.13 g

Bullet Mass 110 gr

Velocity V2,5 360 m/s

Energy E2,5 462 joule 

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