Blaser sadelmontage Swarovski

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Product Description:
Saddle mount

After Blaser had invented the Saddle mount in 1993, this solution replaced all other mounting systems within the Blaser range. No rifle adjustments are necessary. Two inconspicuous notches in the barrel hold the one-piece base. Removing the scope together with the mount and repositioning it on the barrel is performed in no time. After the initial zeroing-in, this procedure may be repeated as often as desired, without any loss of precision. The Saddle Mount also facilitates exchanging rifle scopes.           

The mounting device does not spoil the appearance of the rifle, nor does it disturb the swinging of the barrels. When shooting without a scope, there is no interference from the mount socket. The Blaser Saddle Mount is suited for rifle scopes with or without a rail. It is widely used and a preferred accessory designed to complete the field gun.


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