Lyman lube/sizing die

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Product Description:

Lyman Improved Sizing Dies now have 90 degree hole spacing. It is now easy to lubricate bullets even with today's hard lubricants. Lyman sizing dies also feature a tapered mouth and hardened interior insuring alignment for perfect cylindrical shape. Interior dimensions correspond to suggested diameters for all popular rifle and handgun calibers. Fits Lyman 450/4500 Lube Sizer and RCBS Lube-A-Matic-2 Bullet Sizer/Lubricator.

Technical Information

  • Steel

  • Sizes and Lubes Cast Bullets.
  • For Use with RCBS or Lyman Bullet Sizer/Lubricators.
  • Also Helps to Crimp the Gas Check on the Base of Gas Check Style Bullets.


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