Leupold bas 2-dels std Winchester 70 RF/R matt

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Product Description:

Leupold Standard 2-Piece Bases give you maximum accessibility to the magazine or breech of your rifle and more flexibility in mounting scopes to bolt action rifles. These steel bases will fit both right and left handed actions.

Technical Information

Material: Steel

Hole Spacing: Front base - .860 inch; Rear base - .860 inch
  • Pre-1964 Winchester Model 70 with serial number above 66,360. All calibers except 300 and 375 H & H Magnum.
  • Post-1964 Winchester Model 70. All calibers except 300 and 375 H & H Magnums, 300 Weatherby, 416 Remington, and 458 Winchester

  • Torx screws and driver included.


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