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Special package Rooebuck Bowl

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Special package Rooebuck Bowl

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This includes:

1 pc DVD "Lockjakt på råbock"
1 st Nordik Roe lidpipa

DVD "Lockjakt på råbock"

The film is made both for entertaining and teaching the art of attracting a cheek beneath the brow. It's the first time, what we know, as it's really shown, time after time, how effective it is to attract cheekballs - if you do right! Unique hunting sequences mixed with all the knowledge you need to succeed.

Films in both England and Sweden. A total of 14 litters are closed down, among other things. an old capital silver medal. Everyone comes on a lid with the cockpit Nordik Roe. You will learn how to use the Nordik Roe pipe and how to lock the chase to overlook old suspicious buckets. You can also see how you can combine fox and ragging lure - on the same passport.

In this movie, the bird-tipped Crying Bird is introduced, especially effective for all foxes regardless of age. Watch the movie and you can not fail to attract cheekbuckles from far away with your Nordik Roe.


A unique bowl of rooebuck made by P-A Åhlén and Mikael Tham.

You can get the following leaks with the pipe:
1. The kid's contact reading.
2. Female contact.
3. Female sake sound..
4. Female Anxiety disorder.

The overall benefits of pipes to traditional pipes are:
1. You can lock the pipe in the mouth and have the gun in the plant
2. The sound of the pipe is far enough away.
3. The pipe does not give any noise when you have it in your pocket and you`re moving in the terrain.
The pipe follows a description of how to use it.

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